Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wellington Views - 21 & 22 June 2008

Well our 2008 holidays were basically confined to NSW, due to time & money constraints, so it was imperative to ensure that we value added & made the most of our time on the road this year. Wellington was the start of that trip.

One of the problems of holidaying in late June can be the weather & if travelling out through western NSW it is not uncommon for it to even snow! So it was under lowering skies that I loaded the into the Kia, the Canon EOS 400D, Jude & our clothing (not necessarily in that oder) & headed for Wellington to stay at Jenny & Dave Whitings farm located on the banks of the Macquarie River.

We arrived in early Saturday afternoon & although it was cold, it wasn't miserable. It has been 5 years since we were last in Wellington & in that time Dave & Jenny have built their beautiful new house (with in floor heating!) on their dream block of land. So the rest of the day was spent catching up with the Whiting clan & reminicing about old times ... a great day!

We awoke to a foggy start on Sunday which is usually a good portent for fine weather later on, however, sadly that was to prove not the case. So it was up up early anyway, grab the camera & go for a walk down to the river (the Macquarie River is a significant waterway in NSW which flows basically from Queensland, through the middle of NSW to Bathurst). I was able to capture some interesting shots of the river & its surrounds from that foggy morning walk. Later in the day we done a bit of sight-seeing from the Japanese Gardens, the Wellington Caves (we didn't go in this time), Mt Arthur & to Woolworths Liquorland.
Unfortunately during our brief stay at Wellington the fog early & then the low cloud made photography a real challenge, but making the best of the limited opportunties was what it was all about, not every day can we have perfect light.


kate said...

i am so disappointed john not to see a photo of Woolworths Liquorland. *shakes head* the start of your trip sounds very cold!

Mick said...

What was the price of the VB Gold?? lol

The Reverend said...

The start of the trip was bloody cold, but not freezing as it can get this time of year. The price VB Gold ... believe it or not ... the same price as Sydney, around $30. Actually most grocery items in Wellington were about the same as Newcastle.