Thursday, July 3, 2008

Road To The Ridge - 24 June 2008

Colin Buchanan once sung -
"Coz once you've crossed the
the North Bourke Bridge
& stood on the dust of an
ancient red ridge
Oh the locals know
The outback calls you back
They knew that I'd be back"

I've been to Bourke before & like the song, I had to return. I don't know if its the Darling River, the wonderful scenery, the history, or just because it has the cheapest beer in NSW (no joke, $3.00 a schooner!), but I had to make another visit to this magical spot with my trusty 400D. Unfortunately we only spent the morning in Bourke, which we spent 2hrs on the Jandra paddle boat cruising down the mighty Darling River.

After that, it was back in the car & heading off to Lightning Ridge, a trip of around 300klms. The major towns that we passed through were Brewarrina & Walgett. Being out on our unfenced country roads it is an opportunity to see an abundance of our wildlife, including roo's, emu's, goats & wedge-tail eagles. It is really quite spectacular, as long as they stay well into the paddocks & don't stray onto the road! It may be worth noting here, that if travelling in outback Australia, it is always advisable to stop travelling 2 hrs prior to sunset & make camp, look what happened to Joanne Lees & Peter Falconio ... !

Arrived at Lightning Ridge around 3pm & was immediately impressed by this wonderful town on the edge of Australia's harsh arid outback.


kate said...

looks like beautiful weather during this part of your trip john.

The Reverend said...

Once that cloud pushed away, it was perfect. We were just blessed with the weather from Byrock onwards.