Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Working Harbour

One of my favourite pastimes in Newcastle is to grab the camera, grab a few dollars (so I can buy a proper coffee) & head down to the harbour for a couple of hours.

People keep saying to me 'haven't you already enough pictures of coal ships?'


But everytime I go down there, I see that something different is happening. E.g. the picture taken above shows two coal ships, the one leaving is the Matsuura & the one entering is the Shin Sapporo Maru. Now I've never seen two coal ships, with the six attending tugs, using the port simutaneously. It was a real credit to all, including the two attending ships pilots*, that this was done without incident!

The picture below shows of of Newcastles fishing fleet returning back to the marina, accompanied by a flock of seagulls (birds, not the music from an obscure '80s band!) & pelicans. I watched as performance continued all the way up the harbour & until the boat berthed ... it was just amazing.

So even on what started as a misty Newcastle winters morning ended turning into a beautiful sun drenched afternoon, full of surprises. It made the 6hr walking trip around the harbour well worth the effort.

(* the pilots are from Newcastle Port Corp & they take control of all heavy shipping in & out of Newcastle Harbour.)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Junior Footy In June

Oh brrr, one of the less joyous responsibilities of being a Grandparent is having to stand around on windswept footy fields & watch our Grandkids go out to do their best for us! Don't get me wrong, I love watching the kids doing their chosen sport, but sometimes I wish that they had a penchant for ten pin bowling or darts! Oh well, perhaps I'll be able to convince them of the joys of these two sports as they get older.

These are pictures of Josh competing against the Blue Haven Raiders. Unfortunately on this occasion the boys lost, however Josh did get to score a try for his frozen Grandparents.

Better luck next time guys :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Winter In The Hunter

Well winter has now set in & it is difficult to motivate oneself to get out with the camera to take some shots. However, last Sunday with the weather closing in, outside it was looking cold & miserable, Jude & I headed into town to catch a movie. Luckily I grabbed my trusty companion & threw her onto the back seat (my Canon camera, not Jude!). After the movie, with Jude & the camera in hand, we strolled down to Nobby's Beach to remember that it was 12mths since the Pasha Bulker came aground & became an instant tourist attraction. Although the weather wasn't brilliant, some of the shots I got that day were! As you can also see I'm still playing around with different borders using Photoshop, a time consuming task, but as I keep using the programme Iam getting better & I hope the results are starting to show

Sunday, June 8, 2008

'Baby Face' - by Heidi

This is Heidi & her rendition of Baby Face. This is my 2nd attempt of using my camera phone to capture video. Hopefully with further practice my abilities with the video format with get better.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Darling Bub Of May

Well Mick, Kate & Heidi finally returned from Queensland last week, so last weekend was the first opportunity to go down & see them. Luckily the weather, was sunny, although it was chilly out of the sun. After spending so much time in the car during her holiday with Mum & Dad, you'd think Miss Heidi would be glad to stay away from the car for a while ... but no! At the first opportunity Heidi was in the car again & off on another adventure!