Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Road To Bourke - 23 June 2008

We left Wellington under cool & cloudy skies, although the weather bureau was saying that weather would clear by the afternoon. After refueling at Dubbo we continued our journey west towards Nyngan. The countryside really flattens out in this part of NSW & it is because of this that Nyngan became famous due to the devestating 1990 flood, in which the Bogan River inudated the town & caused a massive airlift of the towns population.

After a quick lunch, we turned north & headed the 200klm drive towards Bourke. Now this drive is a fairly remote trip, with only the 3 townships of Girilambone, Coolabah & Byrock along the way. However, each of these towns have their own beauty that is worth exploring, especially Byrock.
Byrock has been a township since around 1884, when the railway arrived enroute to Bourke (& which ironically was closed in 1990 after sustaining considerable damage during the flood) , however the Aborigines have held the rock waterholes as a special religious place for 1,000's of years prior to white mans arrival. The granite waterholes are worth visiting & are located west of the Mulga Creek Hotel.

As we stopped in Byrock, the weather finally cleared & at last the true colours of the Australian outback came to life!

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