Monday, July 6, 2009

What Would Isaac Think?

When ex-convict Isaac Nichols (transported for stealing a donkey in 1791) was appointed Postmaster on the 25th April 1809, he commenced the history of what has now become Australia Post. It was a position he held until his death 10 years later, in 1819, running the post office from his private residence located on the corner of George St & Circular Quay in Sydney.

Now 200 years of history is nothing to be taken lightly so Australia Post has ensured that we mark this celebration with the pomp & ceremony that is befitting of such an occasion. However, if you live outside Sydney the celebrations lose a little of the gloss, sort of like kissing your sister!

Here in Newcastle, we tried hard, no re-enactment, no Circus Oz, no free concerts,but we did do what we do best .... we put on a BBQ!

So last Saturday, Hunter Region Mail Centre became the focus of Australia Posts bicentennial celebrations in the Hunter Region with a jumping castle, face painting, a rock band 'Grounds For Divorce' (featuring members of the mail centre & transport) & various items of historical postal significance, such us SPBs, vehicles & employees.

Of course we couldn't use our beautiful old Post Office, which was built in 1903, because we sold it in 2002 & which has now
become just a dilapidated shell of its former stately glory, surrounded by security fencing & attacked on a regular basis by graffiti vandals.

However, all in all it was a pretty good day, the weather turned out to be quite pleasant & I think everyone had a good time, especially the kids.

I do wonder however, if Isaac Nichols had a Canon 400D on his first day, what he would have recorded for posterity?

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