Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Brewster Brothers gig (warning - contains offensive language)

As a departure from my usual photographic efforts, which mainly involve landscapes & the beauty of nature, I decided to take my Canon 400D (& my good wife) to a 'live' concert.

Now normally I would hesitate to take my camera to a crowded 'live' concert, however The Brewster Brothers were playing at a venue with a slight variation, it was at a private residence. The concert venue is known as Dudley Behind Closed Doors & tickets are limited to around 100 people, so the atomsphere is terrific. It's not often you get to see such great live music, with not only just local bands, but also national & international acts as well, in such an intimate venue. The other great thing is that the venue is BYOG, so you save money there & all monies raised from the sale of tickets goes straight to the bands, it's totally non profit. How good is that!

So how were The Brewster Brothers? .... AWESOME!

John & Rick Brewster were the heart & soul (along with Doc Neeson) behind the iconic Australian rock band The Angels, with great songs such as 'Am I Ever Going To See Yo
ur Face Again' (with the live crowds favourite line 'no way ... get fucked ... fuck off'), 'No Secrets', 'Take A Long Line', 'After The Rain'
& the a host of other hit songs! So along with bass player Paul Robert Burton, they launched their new CD 'Wounded Healer' (they also made sure they played some old rockin' Angels tracks).

It was a great night, however my photography wasn't the best, but I was more there for the music this time !

If you want to check out what host Doug is lining up next at Dudley Behind Closed Doors, go to & get on the mailing list .... you won't be disappointed.

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