Monday, July 20, 2009

In search of Liquid Gold

In the recorded history of mankind, there has been one constant theme, the search for gold. The Egyptians recorded their quest inside the great pyramid of Giza, built around the 25th century BC & also found amongst the Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang, was the Chinese efforts in their eternal quest for gold.

Even in Newcastle there is a story that when Lt John Shortland landed in Newcastle in 1797, he too was on a quest for gold & through his disappointment of not finishing his quest, he lashed out, kicked some rocks & discovered our vast coal reserves instead. Funny how life can take some suprising & unexpected turns.

However the gold I speak of is not the shiny metallic substance (chemical element AU, atomic number of 79), but the even rarer Liquid Gold, aka, a decent cup of coffee for under $5.00!

So last Saturday, armed with my Canon 400D & $5.00 in my pocket, I too went on my quest for Liquid Gold. Parking in Hunter St my journey took me through Civic Park, with its
wonderful fountain, up to the Obelisk with its spectacular view of Newcastle & the Hunter Valley & then down to our pristine Newcastle Beach, glistening like a 1,000 precious jewels in the late winter afternoon sunshine. (ok, cut me some slack for artistic licence!).

It was at Newcastle Beach, nestled away at Shop102/ 61 Shortland Esp., I found, less than 500mtrs from where Lt Shortland landed 212 years ago, Liquid Gold, the best coffee shop in Newcastle, great views, great service & a decent cup of coffee for under $5.00, $3.30 to be exact!

Of course my journey didn't end there, I also stopped at The Brewery at Queens Wharf for a refreshing ale .... a man cannot live on caffeine alone!

So here's the tip, if you want to emulate the Egyptians, the Chinese or even Lt John Shortland, get yourself up to Newcastle & grab a cup of true liquid gold ... & remember to pack your camera!

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