Friday, February 4, 2011

When You Are Left Up In The Air

Ever have one of the lazy Sunday mornings, when all you want to do is just sit around recovering from an active Saturday night and your plans for the day are still up in the air?

Here in Newcastle when we are faced with this dilemma we can wander down to The Foreshore and the surrounds where you can guarantee that there will be some activity to take in and while away the hours. Lately Livesites has been very active in Newcastle and on Saturday 23 January was no different, with a free circus, Circus Avalon,  that featured high flying aerials on the trapeze, ring and tissue, acrobatics, juggling, hoopists.

Also, located in Foreshore Park was 'Kites Above Newcastle' where the sky was filled with all sorts of kites from the professional kites on display from the Australian Kite Flying Association to young kids just out for the day with the parents enjoying the thrill of their first kite adventure.

Of course once you have seen all the free entertainment, you can take a short stroll down to our two lovely ocean beaches (Newcastle & Nobbys), or to the wonderful ocean baths, where you can soak up the wonderful views, or go for a swim, or grab a coffee or ... oh, the list is endless and varied.  

So if you are ever left up in the air on what to do on the weekend, pack a picnic, pack a towel, pack some sunscreen and head on down to the Newcastle Foreshore where there is always something happening!

Oh, and also, most importantly ... remember to pack your camera 

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