Thursday, April 2, 2009

When April showers go on for hours

I decided to set myself a bit of a challenge this week, given that we have had some very nasty weather,  so I thought I'd grab the trusty 400D & head out to get some shots in some decidely bleak conditions.

Now to photograph Newcastle in perfect weather conditions is easy, just point & shoot basically 
& let the beauty of the environment fill the view finder. However, the weather I encountered 
was atrocious, pouring rain, howling winds that made  taking 'that' shot so much harder. 
The weather was that bad that Newcastle Port was actually closed to all shipping, bar the Stockton ferry. The pictures around Newcastle were taken a 3pm in the afternoon & shows just how dark & gloomy the conditions were. The picture of the lake at Valentine were taken this morning at 9am, still gloomy, but not as bad as yesterday.

For some extra effect, in post production, I added some 'raindrops' to the images using the 'IrfanView 4.2' photo programme. I just done it for some effect, as there is no way I would subject my 400D to such wet conditions. IrfanView is freeware & you can download it at

So sometimes its worth setting yourself a challenge, you just never know what will find on your journey of discovery.

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