Friday, October 31, 2008

Black & white is alright ... right!

I remember as a kid growing up & all we had was a 22" (55cm) black & white television set, the new fangled Polaroids were black & white & all those you beaut family snaps were in ... yep you guessed it, black & white.

Up until 1975, we certainly lived in a black & white world!

However, although we now live in a colourized world, black & white photography still is able to capture the imagination by its use of contrast to give subjects a beauty that can escape the casual observer
"Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony"


Mick said...

I love the road picture. Where and when was that taken??

The Reverend said...

That was taken about 12mths ago, it is the old highway over the Buledelah Mountain near Wooton, between Buledelah & Coolongolook.