Monday, June 16, 2008

Junior Footy In June

Oh brrr, one of the less joyous responsibilities of being a Grandparent is having to stand around on windswept footy fields & watch our Grandkids go out to do their best for us! Don't get me wrong, I love watching the kids doing their chosen sport, but sometimes I wish that they had a penchant for ten pin bowling or darts! Oh well, perhaps I'll be able to convince them of the joys of these two sports as they get older.

These are pictures of Josh competing against the Blue Haven Raiders. Unfortunately on this occasion the boys lost, however Josh did get to score a try for his frozen Grandparents.

Better luck next time guys :)


Mick said...

Ahh the frozen grandparent footy watching weekend :-)

I like the 1st pic how the picture has been cropped except for Josh's fat head!

The Reverend said...

LOL, Josh will be so pleased to see that comment.

kate said...

wow he is getting tall isn't he! the worst part of footy each year is that its in the colder months. not envious at all!